Young European Strings School of Music
Young European Strings School of Music


The YES School of Music provides professional instruction for children learning the double bass from the age of 9 years and upwards. The double bass is the largest and lowest pitched of the bowed string instruments. The student requires upper body strength to play on the double bass which also benefits children who become interested in playing an instrument at an older age.

There are many reasons why a child who starts his or her musical education on the violin may choose to progress to the double bass. The double bass is integral to modern orchestras because it plays low notes that most other instruments can't play. It is especially suited, therefore, to students who are interested in ensemble playing. Outside of the classical repertoire, the double bass is a key component in the rhythm sections of other musical genres including jazz, blues and folk music. The double bass is a physically demanding instrument which can be played while seated (on a high stool) or standing and may suit certain children's temperaments better than others.

At YES, students of the double bass are taught by Mark Jenkins, Principal Associate of the Double Bass section of the National Symphony Orchestra of Ireland.

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