Young European Strings School of Music
Young European Strings School of Music


Professional Musicians

Dr. Gwendolyn Masin
Violin virtuoso, Author
Dr. Gwendolyn Masin is the Founder/Artistic Director of GAIA Chamber music festival and lives in Bern (Switzerland) and Budapest (Hungary). Since 2013 she is professor at the Haut Ecole de Musique in Geneva.
Catherine Leonard
Violin virtuoso
Catherine Leonard, violin virtuoso, lives in Dublin and Santa Barbara.
Gina McGuinness
Gina McGuinness is finishing her masters degree in violin in the Conservatoire of Sion (Switzerland) and lives in Zurich.
David O'Doherty
B. Mus. Perf.
David O'Doherty lives in Lausanne, where he is a member of the Lausanne Chamber Orchestra, and in Dublin where he is lecturer at the DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama
Cliodhna Ryan
B. Mus. London
Cliodhna Ryan lives in Ireland and is a full-time member of the Irish Chamber Orchestra.
Lucy Perkins
Trinity graduate
Lucy Perkins is a member of the RTÉ Concert Orchestra.
Niall O'Briain
LRSM and B. Mus.
Niall O'Briain is the Director of Newpark Music School.
Christian Tecklenborg
Christian Tecklenborg teaches full-time in Dublin at Newpark School of Music.
Niamh Nelson
Niamh Nelson is a full-time member of the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra
Emma Montonen
Emma Montonen is a full-time teacher and lives in Sutton, Dublin
Yvonne Bolger
Yvonne Bolger teaches full-time at Alexander Girls High School.
Debby France
Debby France is a teacher in Rennes, France.
Micheline Kinsella
B. Mus.
Micheline Kinsella has travelled abroad to further her studies.
Lynda O'Connor
B. Mus.
Lynda O'Connor finished her B. Mus. in Dublin and has been a student of Southern Methodist University, Dallas, since 2008.
Ruth Gibson
Ruth Gibson, a professional viola player, is studying in Geneva under violist Nobuko Imai, following her music studies at the Royal Northern College of Music.
Emer Kinsella
B. Mus.
Emer Kinsella finished her B.Mus. at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and is currently a professional violinist and violin teacher in Berlin.
Hanora Farrell
B. Mus.
Hanora Farrell is a professional violist living in London.
Martia Malherbe
Martia Malherbe has been a professional violist in the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra since September 2007.
David Tobin
Germany, studying towards his BMus.
Martin Moriarty
Amsterdam, studying towards his BMus.
Abigail McDonagh
Germany, studying towards her BMus.
Isobel Howard-Cordone
Italy, studying towards her BMus.

Further past students who became professional musicians

  1. John Wille, Professor at the University of Bloemfontein, South Africa
  2. Kees Bakels, world renowned conductor, Bierbeek, Belgium
  3. Leo Luyendijk, Cape Town, South Africa
  4. Camilla Driver, violist, Cape Town, South Africa
  5. Ursula Wittenberg, Cape Town, South Africa
  6. François Voges, teaching Somerset-Wes, Die Kaap, South Africa
  7. Annette Liebenberg, Riebeek-Kasteel, South Africa
  8. Lisa Garson, Cape Town, South Africa
  9. Anisa Bhettay, Cape Town, South Africa
  10. Paul Theron, Cape Town, South Africa
  11. Gary Doel, Cape Town, South Africa
  12. Sean Doel, Cape Town, South Africa
  13. Nicole Doherty, Cape Town, South Africa
  14. Charles Richards, Cape Town, South Africa
  15. Kristy Collette, Cape Town, South Africa
  16. Aidan Sylvester, Cape Town, South Africa
  17. Gisela Hans, B. Mus., Royal Scottish Academy of Music, Glasgow, Scotland
  18. Anouk Espri, B. Mus., Cape Town, South Africa
  19. Orit Feldman, Cape Town, South Africa
  20. Sonja Rohde, Cape Town, South Africa
  21. Jenny Brown, Cape Town, South Africa
  22. Elenor Speir, Cape Town, South Africa
  23. Danuta Prati Beton, Violin Professor at the Conservatoire de Metz, France
  24. Esther Mefano, member of l.Orchestre de Paris, France