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Repertoire for expecting mothers

When Zoltán Kodály, the Hungarian composer, pedagogue and philosopher was asked at a conference, 'When should the musical education of a child start?' his answer was: 'Nine months before the birth.'

Here are our music recommendations for expecting mothers:

Baroque Music
  • Vivaldi 'Four Seasons' for violin and string orchestra
  • J.S. Bach 'Double Concerto' for two violins and strings with continuo
Anything by W.A. Mozart. Strongly recommended:
  • 'Symphony Concertante' for violin and viola and chamber orchestra
  • The Magic Flute, Opera
Twentieth-Century Music
  • I.Stravinski: 'Petruschka'
  • I.Stravinski: 'The Rite of Spring'
  • B.Bartók: 'Concerto for Orchestra'
  • Anything from Oscar Peterson
  • Anything from The King's Singers