Young European Strings School of Music
Young European Strings School of Music


On this page you will find a selection of videos, including TV appearances by the YES School of Music and a Nationwide documentary about the School.

The Morning Show

A moment in the daily life of the five-year-old violinist Daimee Ng, her mother Amy and Daimee's teacher Maria Kelemen was aired on TV3's The Morning Show in September 2010.


In conjunction with the launch of Gwendolyn Masin's violin tutor, Michaela's Music House, students from the YES School of Music appeared with the author in this children's news programme on RTÉ 2 in January 2010.


Kazoo, a children's programme on RTÉ 2, hosted Quartetto Piccolo in January 2010. The music performed is 'Petit Negre' by Claude Debussy.

The Late Late Show

Young European Strings featured on The Late Late Show in December 2007, playing with renowned singer Eimear Quinn.


A TV documentary about the YES School of Music produced by Nationwide aired on RTÉ in 2006. It contains very informative snippets on the day-to-day life of students and how they interact with one another, and illustrates some of the activities in which they take part. It also traces Maria Kelemen's history, from her days in Hungary and Brussels.