Young European Strings School of Music
Young European Strings School of Music


The YES School of Music provides professional instruction for children learning the cello from the age of 7 years and sometimes even younger, depending on the child's size.

A preschool child will begin his or her musical education on the violin at YES before progressing to the cello. There are many reasons why a child may choose to advance his or her musical education on the cello. Some students find it more comfortable to sit rather than stand when playing an instrument and may also find the cello hold more natural. Musical preference will also play a determining factor - the cello produces a deep, rich tone, which some students find more relaxing than the violin. As the cello is one of the larger string instruments, it suits children with a lot of energy because it absorbs that energy.

For older children who decide to continue their musical education on the cello, there are many benefits. The cello is a key instrument in the orchestra as well as featuring in many different types of ensembles and as a solo instrument. The cello has an extensive repertoire and many concertos and sonatas have been written for the cello.

At YES, students of the cello are taught by Martin Johnson, a soloist in the RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra, and Eoin Quinlan, a soloist, recitalist and chamber musician who has performed throughout Ireland, the UK and Europe.

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