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The experience of choosing a new bow (by David Tobin)

There is unfortunately no such thing as a bow which is perfect for every player and every piece. Some bows have certain qualities more than others and some players have certain preferences that other players don't have. Maybe you want a bow which will give you a warmer tone but you have to work harder to make a spiccato. Maybe you want a bow that gives you a light sound, makes a great spiccato and ricochet but doesn't make a very warm sound. It all depends on what you want and what your violin needs. If you have a bright violin, maybe you need a bow that gives you a richer sound. That is how I found my bow. Lots of trying, lots of patience and the advice of experienced musicians and luthiers is essential. It's important to have different professionals telling you it plays well, it is in good condition and it has official certification.

No bow is perfect in every way. Even the bows of the great bowmakers Tourte and Pecatte have stronger and weaker attributes.

When you like a bow, make sure you try it in a concert. In this moment you'll know whether it's the bow for you!